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Living on the Wild Side

Wild Africa Trek 141On a solo trip to Disney World (yes – without my kids!), I was feeling unusually brave and wanted to experience something different. So I signed up for the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom — billed as a “privately guided VIP expedition offering close encounters with exotic African wildlife in their native habitats.” Boy is that accurate! We started our 3-hour safari by learning a little Swahili. Jambo — or hello — and then we were off!
After our guided tour through uncharted territory of the Safi River Valley – wWild Africa Trek 043here we tip-toed our way across a shaky bridge just 10 feet above over the crocodile and hippo habitat — we climbed in a rugged safari vehicle that took us off-road. We got up close and personal with the animals in the open savanna and learned about the importance of conservation. We were even surprised by Frank – a new-to-the-savanna Black Rhino who showed signs of being ready to charge!
We safely made it to the Boma – which means “cooking place” — where we were given a taste of Africa. The menu included culinary delights such as chicken curry salad, marinated tandoori shrimp, smoked salmon roulade with dill, and air-dried beef and prosciutto.

After finishing our Jungle Juice, we headed back to the main camp and said “Kwaherini” (goodbye) to our fantastic tWild Africa Trek 165our guides. We got several keepsakes along the way, along with hundreds of pictures of our trek taken by professional photographers. This is an amazing way to experience Africa without ever leaving the excitement of Animal Kingdom!

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