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When To Go To Disney

Disney vacation inspiration, discount announcements, dining tips and more from expert travel advisor Alison Chambers of Neverland Adventure Guides.

perfect castle“When is the best time to go to Disney World?” The million-dollar question. And of course, the answer is, it depends.

One of the things I assist my clients with is deciding on the right time for their family to go to Disney World. And that time is different for every family, which is why there is no one perfect answer on the best time to visit Mickey.

There are a few guidelines that I like to use to help people narrow down their choices:

  • Can you take your children out of school? If the answer is yes, then that opens up a whole lot of possibilities! Halloween and Christmas are both magical times at Disney. Mid-October is a great time if you want to get in all the Halloween and Food & Wine Festival activities. And the first two weeks of December have all the magic of Christmas – the giant gingerbread houses, the Christmas party, the Spectacle of Dancing Lights – without the enormous crowds.
  • Is your priority low crowds? Then early September, the end of January and the end of February are great choices. In September, you have to be prepared for afternoon rain showers. And in January/February, you have the risk of it being on the chilly side. These dates are also when it is likely to be less expensive.
  • Do you have to go when kids are out of school? Then you’re looking at peak travel season, so planning is KEY. With proper planning, visiting Disney World during peak season does not mean you will spend the entire time waiting in line! Let me help you plan your trip so you’re not the family at the front of the park looking at the map arguing over which direction to go. If you have to choose between Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Summer, here’s my two cents: Spring Break or Thanksgiving, then Summer, then Christmas if you absolutely must. But know that Christmas is going to be crowded.

No matter when you travel, we can work together to create a magical trip! Have an opinion or favorite time to visit The Most Magical Place On Earth? Share it with us in the comments section!

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