Top 5 "Must-Haves" While Touring the Parks

There are some things you just can’t go into a Disney park without. Here is what you are sure to find with me with when I’m setting out for!

#1: Having the right bag is essential. You’ll need something sturdy enough to withstand a week at Disney World, but small enough to secure on the rides. I like the Vary You Backpack Purse by Thirty-One. It is versatile, has separate storage pockets to keep all of my things organized and the straps are wide enough to not dig into my shoulders when my backpack gets a little heavy.

#2: A good stroller! If you have children up to age 7, you will most likely need a stroller. I know, your 7-year-old doesn’t ride in a stroller anymore. But Disney is not like your typical outing. The average person walks 6-12 miles a day while exploring Disney’s parks, which means little people are taking twice as many steps as you! Yes, you can rent a stroller in the parks, but I don’t recommend it. For one, they are hard, clunky and just plain uncomfortable. Secondly, most kids will hit their breaking point just as you are about to leave the parks, so it’s handy to have a stroller with you to and from the resorts. It is key that your stroller can collapse, as this is required when boarding buses. Don’t have a stroller? No worries! I help my clients rent them for the duration of their stay!

#3: I cannot overstate the importance of a great pair of shoes. You do not want to go to Disney World in a brand-new pair of shoes and break them in while you are there! You will want comfortable shoes that offer support. This isn’t the time to worry with being stylish! I always recommend taking at least 2 pairs of shoes so that you can rotate them. This helps prevent rubbing in the same places every day. I really like to wear Chacos, because they dry easily if I get caught in an afternoon shower. And I always have a good pair of walking shoes with me as well.

#4: Poncho! Did I mention rain a minute ago? It is not uncommon for there to be a quick afternoon shower in Orlando. Don’t let this stop your fun! Throw on your poncho and keep on moving! Those who aren’t as prepared as you will either be buying a poncho at Disney World for about $10 each, or they will head back to their resort to wait it out. This means smaller crowds for you! And if it doesn’t rain, you can use your poncho to keep dry on the rides with water. I am always the one person who gets soaked on Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom. I don my poncho with pride and giggle to myself at those who don’t know better and end up drenched! Keep it in a Ziploc bag inside your new Vary You Backpack Purse and you can keep your stuff dry after you use your poncho.

#5: A smartphone. Disney has really made park touring easy with the My Disney Experience app. Want to know where the bathroom is? Check your app. Hungry and wondering where the closest quick-service restaurant is and what is on the menu? Check your app. Or maybe your child just has to meet Rapunzel and you need to know where to find her stat! Check your app. So be sure you bring your smartphone, download the app and become familiar with all of its features before you leave home. And an external battery charger might come in handy, too!
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