To Stroll or Not to Stroll?

Debating taking (or renting) a stroller for your Disney trip? “But,” you say to yourself, “he doesn’t ride in a stroller at home.” Or, “She’s 6, does she really need a stroller?”

Chances are if you are considering the need for a stroller, you probably need one. The average person walks anywhere from 6-12 miles a day at Disney World. Your child is taking at least 2 steps for your every one. That’s a LOT of steps! Do you want to jeopardize everyone’s sanity over a stroller? No? Then plan to take a stroller or rent one. (Nevermind that your best friend just got home from her trip and said her kid didn’t need a stroller – she’s not you. Or your kid. Do what works for your family!)

There are a few things to consider when making a stroller decision:

  • If you bring your own stroller or plan to rent one from a company that will deliver it to your resort, remember that it must be foldable to use Disney’s transportation system.
  • Speaking of stroller rental companies, Disney only allows certain companies to deliver and pick up from the resorts, so be sure you use one of the approved companies. I recommend Kingdom Strollers to my clients.
  • If you take your stroller from home, you can roll that bad boy all the way to the gate of the plane! They will take it from you right before you enter the plane and have it waiting on the ramp when you get off. Great way to keep little ones contained in the busy airport!
  • If you are considering renting one of Disney’s strollers, do yourself a favor and don’t. They are large. And made of hard plastic. If you have a small child, they will flop all around in it. If you have an older child, they will be miserably uncomfortable. And you will have to wait in line to pick it up at the beginning of the day and to drop it off at the end of the day. And repeat that process the next day. And, you might find that your child rides in the stroller to get back to the room after a long day in the parks.
  • Be aware that you will have to park your stroller in certain designated areas before entering rides. Occasionally, Disney
    Strollers Everywhere!

    Cast Members will move your stroller to a location closer to where you will exit your ride. So it might not be in the exact same place you left it. Don’t panic! Just ask for help!

  • A lot of strollers look alike! I know that’s hard to believe, but trust me, you might start to walk away with another family’s stroller without realizing it so be sure to check that you are taking your own stroller. You could attach a balloon or bandana or something to the handle to help differentiate yours if you are worried about finding it.
  • Lastly, please, please, please be considerate of others who are walking in the parks. Just because you are pushing a stroller doesn’t mean you can use it to bulldoze your way through the crowd. Everyone is trying to get somewhere, so practice the Golden Rule and be patient!

So there’s my 2 cents (or 604 words)! And if you take your stroller and your kid ends up not using it? Well, at least you have someplace to put all your stuff!

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