Why Use a Travel Professional?

“Do people still use travel agents?”

It’s a question I hear often, and my answer is always the same… ABSOLUTELY! At least, the smart ones do

While the Internet is full of information about planning a Disney vacation and there are a tons of sites that let you book your vacation yourself, travel professionals provide a valuable service for today’s busy vacationers.

A quick Google search will put millions of articles, blog posts, reviews, trip reports, photos and more at your fingertips. It can be overwhelming!

How do you know what information is up-to-date and accurate? Disney changes quickly and information in an article that is just a year old can be wrong. Can you be sure those reviews are accurate and unbiased? Are those photos current and unedited?

Authorized Disney vacation planner Alison Chambers of Neverland Adventure Guides shares inspiration for fantastic adventures on her Lend Me Your Mouse Ears blog.

And if you’ve ever said to yourself that you would never book with a travel agency because you prefer to do it all yourself, or you want to keep “control” of your reservation, let me fill in on a little secret…

Those web sites you are using to search for the best price? They are all travel agencies. Not only that, they typically have more restrictions and fees than working with a personal travel advisor should you need to make a change or cancel your vacation unexpectedly. And then there is the issue of customer service, or in the case of many of these big online agencies, “customer no-service.”

Take a moment to look through the cancellation or change policies of your favorite online travel discounter. They are usually quite unforgiving. When you work with a travel professional like me, you’ll typically see far more flexibility and fewer fees.

And what about payments? Most of the time you will need to pay for your vacation in full when you book with an online discounter. A travel professional will be able to book your trip with as little as a $200 deposit and you can make multiple payments on your vacation if you want to spread the cost out before you travel.

As a travel professional, I work with my clients to provide top-notch service from the time they reach out to me until well after they return from their vacations.

I take the time to listen to their vacation wants, needs and expectations. I get to know them. I ask lots of questions to make sure the recommendations I make are right for them.

Sure, some clients come to me knowing exactly what they want, but more often than not what they’ve found either isn’t the right option to meet their expectations, or it isn’t the best value for their hard-earned vacation dollars. I use my personal experience and industry connections to recommend options tailor-made to meet their wants, needs, expectations and budget.

Once we’ve found the perfect vacation options, I make sure they get the best pricing. If a discount becomes available, I take care of adding it to their reservation (subject to availability). Often my clients aren’t even aware a special offer was announced; they just open their email to be pleasantly surprised by a message from me telling them I’ve saved them hundreds of dollars on their vacation!

The services of a travel professional don’t end once your vacation is booked. In fact, that’s often where the essential services begin. From dining recommendations to FastPass reservations, I put hours of work into making sure my clients have the best experience with the least amount of time spent waiting in lines or criss-crossing the parks unnecessarily. 

It’s often the small details that make the difference between a good vacation and a well-planned, well-executed, outstanding vacation. Knowing that all of those little details are taken care of and have been double- and triple-checked by a professional means you can relax and enjoy a stress-free trip.

You can also relax knowing that if anything should go wrong, you’ve got a professional in your corner helping to solve any problems and advocate for you should the need arise.

Working with a travel professional is like having a personal concierge dedicated to ensuring that your vacation is expertly planned and customized to your family’s unique expectations. Allowing someone else to take care of the details and eliminate the stress of planning is a luxury you deserve to experience – and if you book with me, that luxury is FREE! Planning the perfect experience is as easy as filling out this quick form (Request a Quote) or shooting me an email.

Let’s get started on your dream vacation now!