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Why You Should Use a Travel Advisor!​

“Do people still use travel agents?”

ABSOLUTELY! At least, the smart ones do….

Genie, Genie+, Lightning Lanes, OH MY! If you’re researching to plan your own trip, at this point you’re feeling the dread, fear and overwhelm start to take over. STOP RIGHT THERE!

When you book your Disney or Universal trip with me, you don’t need to research ANY of those things! I will tell you all the things you need to know, answer all the questions you have and even the ones you didn’t know you had!

It’s often the small details that make the difference between a good vacation and a well-planned, well-executed, outstanding one. Knowing all of those little details are taken care of and have been double- and triple-checked by a professional means you can relax and enjoy a stress-free trip.

I own a Disney Gold Level EarMarked Travel Agency, which is an invitation-only designation given by Disney to recognize our extensive knowledge of all things Disney. I am an expert in the Disney resorts, restaurants, rides, and more at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland; Disney Cruise Line; Adventures by Disney (guided tours to destinations all over the world); and A’ulani, a Disney resort and spa in Hawaii.

Why should you use me to book your trip?

  1. It’s FREE! It would cost you exactly the same to book your trip on your own directly with Disney or Universal as it costs to book through me. They realize it can be overwhelming to plan a trip, so they compensate me without passing that cost on to you (so there’s no need to price shop!)*
  2. I watch for special discounts and work my hardest to get those discounts applied to your vacation, even after you’ve already booked your trip! So, using me can actually SAVE you money!
  3. I guide you through all of the planning process – Disney’s technology is a lot to take in! I have a special site for my clients, with videos that explain everything they need to know about Disney’s apps, the Genie, Genie+, Lightning Lanes, mobile ordering and more! You don’t have to do ANY of your own research! And I send you with cheat sheets to have with you in the parks! I help you figure out which of the 27 resort properties is best for your family and which time of year works best for your needs; I get up at 5 a.m. 60 days before your trip to get you the best dining reservations; I arrange your airport transportation and more. In a nutshell – I handle it ALL! You just pack and go, and I even give you a packing list.
  4. You can also relax knowing that if anything should go wrong, you’ve got a professional in your corner helping solve any problems and advocating for you if needed.
  5. As a travel professional, I work with my clients to provide top-notch service from the time they reach out to me until well after they return from their vacations. Think of me as your personal “Google” when you have questions! Did you know that if you search “Disney World,” there are 181,000,000 entries? Do you really want to sort through all of that to figure out what information is still relevant when I can give you a quick, accurate answer?

Working with a travel professional is like having a personal concierge dedicated to ensuring your vacation is expertly planned and customized to your family’s unique expectations. Allowing someone else to take care of the details and eliminate the stress of planning is a luxury you deserve to experience! Planning the perfect experience is as easy as filling out this quick form (Request a Quote) or shooting me an email.

Let’s get started on your dream vacation now!

*My services are complimentary when you book your Disney resort and at least 3-day park tickets with me. Book Universal tickets or packages with me for complimentary planning services. Other services may be available for a fee.